API v3 has been deprecated. Please use API v4 instead

Viki Style & Brand Guidelines

Use of ‘Viki’ Name

  • Viki
Use of Tagline
  • Correct spelling: Fun in any Language™
  • When used, use with trademark (™)
  • Not necessary to include with logo
  • Other tagline/positioning okay to use: Global TV powered by fans

Logo & Favicon

  • No trademark
  • Logo usage
  • “primary” logo with transparent background in .png

  • Favicon, transparent background in .png

  • Viki font only, no shape:
    • on mobile devices, video players
    • other places where the oval shape is a hindrance (prior approval required)
    • can be either Viki blue or white



If used, icons (e.g, News, TV, Movies) should be same look and feel to the Viki iPhone apps:

  • Featured

  • TV

  • Movies

  • Music

  • News

Background Color

  • On mobile devices: black or dark gray
  • On video player: black or dark gray
  • On websites: white or shades of Viki blue

Web Color Palette (RGB)

  • blue: 36/167/207 (#24a7cf)
  • light blue: 178/214/224 (#b2d6e0)
  • yellow: 241/182/34
  • orange: 241/144/34
  • tan: 252/249/248
  • dark brown: 94/87/71