API v3 has been deprecated. Please use API v4 instead


The Activities endpoint exposes activities created by users on Viki.

List Activities

Display a list of all activities:

GET: /api/v3/activities(.json|.xml)

Parameters: - types - relevant_to


Accepts a parameter to filter activities according to type: - NewProjectPostActivity - NewSegmentActivity - NewSubtitleActivity - FollowShowActivity - NewCommentActivity - WatchShowActivity


You can pass a user ID to get the activities relevant to that user.

Show Activities

Display details of a particular activity.

 GET: /api/v3/activities/:id(.json|.xml)

Create Activities

Note: this API requires authentication with the user.

POST: /api/v3/activities(.json|.xml)

Body parameters

  • activity:
  • type: Type of activity. ‘NewProjectPostActivity’, ‘NewSegmentActivity’, ‘NewSubtitleActivity’, ‘FollowShowActivity’, ‘NewCommentActivity’, ‘WatchShowActivity’
  • target_id: Integer. ID of the target object
  • target_type: String. ‘ProjectPost’, ‘Segment’, ‘Subtitle’, ‘Channel’, ‘Comment’, ‘Media’.
  • channel_id: Integer. ID of the channel in where the activity happened.
  • opengraph_actions_attributes: - opengraph_id: String - user_facebook_id: String