API v3 has been deprecated. Please use API v4 instead

API v3

This is the documentation for version 3 of Viki’s official API. This API is still a work in progress, which means periodic changes are expected from time to time. Viki API V2 is deprecated, though documentation may still be found here.

All API endpoints are accessed through the www.viki.com/api/v3 domain.


We use authentication to track usage data of our API. OAuth2.0 authentication is required to access all Viki v3 API endpoints. A thorough authentication guide is available here.


All API resources may be retrieved in either JSON or XML formats. These formats are called by adding .json and .xml extensions to your requests. Leaving out the format extension will cause an error. For example:


will return a list of movie resources in JSON format, and calling:


will return the same list of movie resources in XML format.

The only exceptions are subtitles and JSONP resources, covered below.


Subtitles are returned as JSON only either as uncompressed(.json) or compressed(.gz) formats. For example:


will return all the of subtitles in JSON format, and calling:


will return the same subtitles in a gzip file.


JSONP, also known as JSON-with-padding, is used primarily by Javascript-based client applications for consuming API data in the browser. You may use JSONP with the Viki V3 API by adding a query parameter and using the ‘.jsonp’ format, as below:


More information on JSONP may be found here.


All times returned in the Viki V3 API are in UTC


All the image URIs returned in the Viki API may be resized arbitrarily by adding the following extension to the URI: /size/ZZZxYYY (ZZZ=width, YYY=height). The maximum dimensions for an image are 2000x2000.

e.g. http://m1.viki.com/…==/size/200x200


Here’s a full list of resources exposed in the Viki V3 API.



  • Episodes


  • Newsclips


  • Music Videos

Mailing list

There is a mailing list for the Viki API were you can write for support: viki-platform@googlegroups.com

To see the group of already asked questions please direct to our google group page.