Viki Platform

About Lists

A list is a collection of resources. For now, lists are limited to videos and containers. However, this could change and consuming applications are encouraged to apply a whitelist to the resources type field.

Show List

Gets a list

GET /v4/lists/(ID).json

Create a new list

POST /v4/lists.json


  "titles": {
   "en": "english name for the list",
   "ja": "optional japanese name for the list",
   "es": "optional spanish name for the list"

Update items in the list

PUT /v4/lists/:id.json


  "videos": [


The overview explains the basics of paging. For now, lists cannot be sorted differently than their natural order.


Lists can be filtered by type, genre, origin_country and subtitle_completion.

Built-in Lists

A list of featured content. List id is 1l

On Air Containers

A list of on air containers. List id is 2l

Upcoming Content

A list of upcoming containers. List id is 6l