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Gets up to 5 resources. The provided term is matched against the english title. Only containers and music_videos will be returned. Authentication signature and timestamp are not required for this method. An application id is.

GET /v4/search.json?c=TERM

Note: The response from this request is inconsistently terse

A language value can optionally be passed. Currently only es is supported. Since not all content has a spanish translation, this searches both english and spanish titles. Consumers should take care to prefer the te (title espaƱol) but fallback to tt (i don't know why we called it that).

Returns resources that match a specific term

GET /v4/search.json?term=TERM


Search can be filtered by type, genre, origin_country and subtitle_completion.

Because of the way the data is indexed, not all type values make sense. Consider only using one of :